Bharat Bakery : We are available for your service, since 1956.
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Bharat Bakery has been an icon in Ranchi for more than 56 years. Since 1956, it's been owned and run by the Late Haji Gulam Mahboob, Ex-Army family: Sheik Ibadullah Eqbal is the head pastry chef and manages the busy front of house team.

Customers often comment on the constant bustle of activity they see taking place in the bakery behind the shop. It's where the magic happens as our team of qualified pastry chefs (three of whom worked in the original bakery) and two apprentices prepare and produce our gorgeous range of cakes, biscuits, muffins, treats and savouries.

Our day usually begins at 5.00am and we start baking almost immediately. Cake and muffin batters that were prepared the night before are poured into tins and popped in the ovens, pastry needs to be rolled out and there are plenty of vegetables to be cut up and meat fillings to be cooked.

By breakfast time we're open for business and greeting our first customers, pouring coffees as we serve hot piping pastries and freshly- made sandwiches and rolls. Despite our sometimes hectic schedule, there's nothing we enjoy more than taking the time to provide good old-fashioned service, and we're proud to say we know many of our customers by name.

We're committed to continuing the Bharat Bakery tradition in Bayside and we still produce our fabulous range according to the original recipes. We are members of the Baking Industry Association of India, an organisation dedicated to advancing the standards and quality of the sector, and to promote India's baking industry here and overseas.